“A book as impressive in its breadth of content as its optimism, Bonime-Blanc offers compelling analysis of the most pressing issues of the day, pairing them with concrete strategies that a wide variety of organizations are capable of adopting. For those in the field, a book not to be missed.” – IAN BREMMER, PRESIDENT, EURASIA GROUP. NEW YORK, USA.

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Leaders – whether in business, government or the non-profit sector – take risks but often without fully understanding risk at a strategic level. Expanding upon the well-known “ESG” risks, this book explains the key non-financial (environmental, social, governance and technological, or ESGT) risks. For many leaders (including board members) taking risk without knowledge or preparation can lead to organizational crisis, scandal and value destruction. For those who are prepared, resilience follows and so does the ability to transform ESGT risk into opportunity and value for stakeholders.

In this book, global governance, risk and ethics strategist and author, Andrea Bonime-Blanc, shows practitioners at all levels how to effectively identify and manage their top ESGT risks to avoid crises and transform risk into sustainable long-term resilience and value.

Gloom to Boom is a book for everyone – from the highest levels of leadership in an organization (the board, CEO and c-suite), to other senior leaders (the chief risk officer, CFO, general counsel, head of CSR and sustainability, CISO, CHRO), and midlevel leaders, students and folks simply interested in current affairs and the role and impact of strategic risk and opportunity on their lives.



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Read the Introduction and Overview



Endorsements of Gloom to Boom:

“This is the perfect moment for Andrea’s book. Demands from stakeholders have never been so high – this is a guide to meeting those demands. It is booming with ways to turn the challenges into opportunities with a road map for leaders to follow. Every section has a summary I wanted to print out and stick on my wall.”
Tina Kirby, Head of Innovation at Beazley (a Syndicate at Lloyd’s), UK

“As time runs out to preserve our humanity, Gloom to Boom offers leaders a powerful recipe and ample food for thought to create resilient and sustainable governance. Throughout, Andrea reminds us of the quintessential strength and beauty of ethics in action.”
Emmanuel Lulin, Senior Vice-President and Chief Ethics Officer of L’Oréal, 2018 UN Global Compact SDG Pioneer for Advancing Business Ethics, France

“This is your number one manual for successful leadership. It dives deep into risk management, connects the dots on the megatrends of our times and provides concrete tools for organizational resilience. If the value of your business is non-negotiable, this is your book!”
Annette Heuser, Executive Director, Beisheim Stiftung, Germany

“Taking up where she left off with The Reputation Risk Handbook (published by Corporate Excellence Centre for Reputation Management as El Manual de Riesgo Reputacional in a revised 2016 Spanish edition), Dr. Bonime-Blanc provides a practical guide for all types of leaders on strategic environmental, social, governance and technological issues that are both risks and opportunities. In a world of turbulence and chaos, she arms executives with a positive and actionable roadmap to resilience and value protection and creation.”
Angel Alloza, CEO, Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, Madrid, Spain

“Andrea Bonime-Blanc’s must-read primer provides a solid conceptual framework with strongly documented case studies to help business leaders detect, administer and mitigate non-financial risks and, then, to turn them into strategic growth opportunities. One of its most novel contributions is the incorporation of the “T” into the ESG equation in light of the increasing challenges posed by the current technological revolution. It is a must-read for investors, both individual and institutional, who ought to embark in a risk due diligence process to decide whether or not to invest in a company. The examples described in the book –including those of Equifax, Volkswagen and Wells Fargo, among many others- showcase the negative financial and reputational consequences of not doing so. Also, the description of how Microsoft and Salesforce have addressed their respective ESGT challenges demonstrate the positive impact that ethical leadership, transparency and setting the right tone from the top have on corporate culture.”
Karen Poniachik, former Minister of Mining for Chile. Director, several corporate boards. Director of Columbia University’s Global Center in Santiago, Chile. Member of Chile’s Chapter of Women Corporate Directors. Santiago, Chile.

“Drawing on personal experience and professional observation, Dr. Bonime-Blanc has produced a thought-provoking call to action that deserves to find a place in the briefcase or on the bedside table of every C-Suite executive. At a time when political, economic and social norms are being stressed to the breaking point, she offers calm analysis and reasoned solutions. This book is both prescriptive and ground-breaking. I highly recommend it.”
Jay Rosenzweig, CEO, Rosenzweig & Company, Executive Recruitment & Tech Entrepreneur, Toronto, Canada.