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Andrea’s speaking focus lies on governance, ethics, risk and resilience strategies to help organizations scale and future-proof for sustainability in a challenging global landscape. She customizes every presentation to fit the needs and goals of your organization.

Future-Proofing your Strategy and Governance

Situational Awareness & Megatrends

Agility, innovation, and team performance are a function of the culture in which teams operate. 

This keynote dives into specific future-oriented practices leaders need to cultivate environments in which team members bring out the best in each other.

When leaders adopt these practices, it leads to increased team trust, more creative thinking, and a higher capacity for dealing with change.

Scaling a global business today requires a new approach when building for tomorrow.

  • Understand the key multi-year global megatrends affecting your business
  • Increase collaboration and team trust
  • Accelerate creative thinking and innovation
  • Quickly adapt to change
  • Build governance, risk and ethical systems to support change
  • Develop responsible and enlightened leadership and board

Cyber/Tech Threats: Governance, Risk & Resilience Solutions

Strategies to Survive and Thrive

An organization’s preparedness for the new and constantly growing array of cyber and other tech risks and threats is essential to survival in today’s tumultuous globe.

Whether you are small or medium sized and scaling or large and growing more slowly, you need to protect your people and assets.

Governance, risk and resilience solutions done the right, customized way, help build the organizational muscle not only to survive but to thrive.

Robust preparedness for today’s cyber, tech and disinformation threat environment is essential.

  • Create a cyber and tech resilient environment
  • Be prepared to manage cyber/tech risks or crises favorably to the organization
  • Develop a culture of cyber/tech hygiene
  • Manage key stakeholder relations productively under difficult circumstances
  • Uphold good reputation and mitigate reputation risk
  • Protect and enhance enterprise value through a crisis

ESG + Tech: Actionable Tactics for Sustainability

Winning Through Ethical Performance

Understanding the most important environmental, social, governance and technological issues, risks and opportunities facing your organization is not a nice to have but a must have.

In today’s emerging stakeholder capitalism, integrating your key ESGT risks and opportunities into your business strategy and long term plan is necessary to maintain the trust of your key stakeholders.

To do so requires a culture of living your values.

Systems and strategies for organizations looking to live their values.

  • Understand their ESGT risks and opportunities
  • Integrate ESGT into enterprise risk management
  • Develop ESGT focused leaders and cross functional teams
  • Develop effective ESGT governance
  • Manage stakeholder relationships in a value added way
  • Protect and enhance enterprise value by creating trust in the marketplace

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