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Seasoned Advice
GEC Risk's deep knowledge and generosity helped me understand complex issues. Their willingness to share solutions has been tremendously important in my early years in ethics. GEC Risk Advisory is to be seriously considered if you are looking for seasoned advice.
Personal Service
We value the combination of an informed global focus in matters relating to risk management and governance, and very professional personal service. Getting advice that is large company appropriate but with small company attention to detail are important differentiators that sets GEC apart.
Insightful Model
Keep building on your success. This is my favorite conference of the year, world class speakers, topics and attendees. All three years have been simply outstanding. Great job, insightful model, presented well.
Substantive and Authentic
Andrea Bonime-Blanc and team did a great job! Substantive and authentic! Great balance of content and time commitment.
Breath of Fresh Air
Andrea is clearly incredibly passionate as demonstrated by her engaging presentation style and approach in delivering key messages which is a breath of fresh air. Compliance can often be considered a very dry area to coach on but this was illuminating and fun.
Well Put Together
Pacey, well-presented conference with excellent and diverse panel of speakers. Exceedingly well put together and led by Andrea Bonime-Blanc.
Holistic and Strategic Approach
Andrea brings a brand and fresh new thinking and advisory approach to the much debated issue of “corporate responsibility”. Having learnt it the hard way as a senior executive at several global companies for two decades, she has come to a quintessential point helping other companies do it.
The Highest Integrity
Andrea is the consummate global governance, risk, ethics and compliance expert.  She presents that rare combination of being both strategic and tactical — able to see and build the big picture while translating it into concrete, practical, achievable steps, and she has an outstanding record of success and achievement and the highest integrity.
Dynamic, Entertaining and Interactive
Ver experienced speakers knew their topic very well, from a practical and also from a theoretical perspective. The presentation was very dynamic, entertaining and interactive, the latest presentation tools were used.
Presenters clearly drew from extensive knowledge and experience to the great benefit of their audience. The seminar was clearly structured, very lively and engaging as well as thought-provoking.
Always Responsive
Andrea is a terrific governance, risk and compliance advisor and expert, very well versed and well prepared. She’s a listener so that her work is always responsive to the needs of whom she is working with. She was highly effective and is also a pleasure to work with.
Global Perspective
Andrea is a gifted and talented leader in the ethics and compliance community. She has a unique global perspective and brings a variety of experiences on ethics, compliance governance and social responsibility. She is respected by the entire E+C community.
Approachable Guides
Andrea and Jacqueline bring a truly impressive breadth of experience and knowledge to the table in the areas of ethics and compliance – they are a step ahead of the latest compliance risks and reputational threats. They served as approachable guides and fostered an atmosphere of collaboration and discussion.
A True Luminary
Andrea is a true luminary in the field of ethics and compliance and particularly adept at applying ethics and compliance best practices protect an organization without shackling the business and inhibiting its ability to operate effectively.
Andrea is one of the best governance, risk, compliance and legal professionals I have ever worked with. She is a person who quickly spots the important issues, has great knowledge of the industry as well as risk and compliance issues and is wonderful at directing a multi-jurisdictional team.
Superb performance. She knew her topic and presented it in an outstanding fashion.
Productive Discussion
Andrea was an excellent presenter and facilitator of the ESG topic. She is a SME. She communicates well and more importantly, she effectively engaged our Board members in a productive discussion on this topic.
Andrea was a great presenter - articulate, effective, concise, constructive and interactive. She succeeded in engaging the entire board. Her attitude, demeanor and charisma were much appreciated.
Wealth of Knowledge
This was a timely topic so well presented by Andrea, that we could have talked for several more hours. She hit all the key issues, backed up by excellent graphics and a wealth of knowledge to support her material.
Outstanding Program
This was an outstanding program led by a dynamic and knowledgeable presenter. Andrea did a terrific job.


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