Artificial Intelligence: A Strategic Business & Governance Imperative - NACDThe Artificial Intelligence Imperative: A Practical Roadmap for Business by Anastassia Lauterbach and Andrea Bonime-Blanc to be published by Praeger Publishers in April 2018 – inspired by their September 2016 NACD Directorship Magazine Article “Artificial Intelligence: A Strategic Business and Governance Imperative”

The Artificial Intelligence Imperative

A Practical Roadmap for Business

Anastassia Lauterbach and Andrea BonimeBlanc


Artificial intelligence has arrived, and it’s coming to a business near you. The disruptive impact of AI on the global economy—from healthcare to energy, financial services to agriculture, and defense to media—is enormous.

Technology literacy is a must for traditional businesses, their boards, policymakers, and governance professionals.

This is the first book to explain where AI comes from, why it has emerged as one of the most powerful forces in mergers and acquisitions and research and development, and what companies need to do to implement it successfully. It equips business leaders with a practical roadmap for competing and even thriving in the face of the coming AI revolution. The authors analyze competitive trends, provide industry and governance examples, and explain interactions between AI and other digital technologies, such as blockchain, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things. At the same time, AI experts will learn how their research and products can increase the competitiveness of their businesses, and corporate boards will come away with a thorough knowledge of the AI governance, ethics, and risk questions to ask.


Provides a strategic framework for corporate boards and executive leadership teams to remain competitive in the age of AI

Offers practical and clear advice on AI and machine learning, introducing technical concepts and translating research trends into practical applications while simultaneously incorporating critical governance, ethics, sustainability, and risk considerations

Provides traditional businesses and their boards with practical questions to ask their teams, suppliers, and technology partners and offers guidance on market trends and players to which to pay attention


Anastassia Lauterbach is an international technology strategist, advisor, and entrepreneur. CEO and founder of 1AUVentures, Dr. Lauterbach trains boards in cyber security and cognitive/AIrelated technologies and their links to corporate governance. She has served as a director of Dun & Bradstreet since 2013; SVP of Global Business Operations Europe at Qualcomm; SVP Business Development and Investments at Deutsche Telekom AG; and Executive Vice President, Group Strategy at TMobile International AG. She also serves on the Advisory Council Next Generation Board Leaders at Nasdaq and is Venture Partner at Analytics Ventures.

Andrea BonimeBlanc is a global governance, risk, cyber, ethics, and reputation strategist. She is a former global senior executive at Bertelsmann, Verint, and PSEG and founded GEC Risk Advisory, which advises global companies, NGOs, and governments, in 2013. A startup accelerator mentor at Plug & Play Tech Center and life member of the Council on Foreign Relations, she is faculty at NYU, IEB (Madrid), IAE Business School (Buenos Aires) and the NACD and author of The Reputation Risk Handbook and Gloom to Boom: How Leaders Transform Risk into Resilience & Value.


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Pre-Publication Reviews:

“The business world is going through an unprecedented level of change that is both fast and fundamental. Change always brings confusion. To this brave new AI–driven world, Anastassia Lauterbach and Andrea Bonime-Blanc bring much-needed clarity and structure with a laser-like precision. It is this precision that strategists need to design the next generation of successful processes and business models.”
Clara Durodié, Founder and CEO, Cognitive Finance Group, London, UK