Surviving & Thriving in the Age of Hyper-Transparency
By Andrea Bonime-Blanc
Greenleaf Publishing (2014)

“Andrea Bonime-Blanc…wrote the book on reputation risk.”
Samuel Rubenfeld, The Wall Street Journal.
“Key Takeaways of Corporate Reputation Risk in 2014” 12.31.14

“Providing a valuable overview for understanding and managing reputation risk is The Reputation Risk Handbook: Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Hyper-Transparency by Andrea Bonime-Blanc (Greenleaf Publishing, 2014). This short volume (115 pages, including notes) is a great starting point for a director’s path to effective reputation risk management.”
Howard Brownstein, NACD Directorship magazine, July/August 2016.

“For any senior manager, Board member, C-Suite executive or compliance practitioner this book should be mandatory reading. In this age of instant viral news, you do not want to be responding in an after-crisis mode…I heartily recommend this book.”
“Tom Fox, The FCPA Ethics and Compliance Blog,” March 11, 2015.

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This book will show you how to build a sustainable reputation risk management framework and how to handle your next reputation risk crisis. It will help you identify ways in which reputation risk can impact bottom line, and then show you how to set up a framework for turning that risk into an opportunity for good, sustainable business.

Reputation risk is a strategic risk and a potentially material risk, all the more so in the ‘age of hyper-transparency’. This needs to be clearly understood by both management and boards of directors  so that the people tasked with reputation risk have the support they need to align their reputation risk management with business strategy and planning.

The Reputation Risk Handbook provides a clear framework to identify, manage and resolve reputation risk, including:

  • a clear description of what reputation risk is and how it fits within the pantheon of corporate and institutional risk and strategic management
  • a  practical process for creating early warning systems and on-going management and monitoring of reputation risks
  • techniques for aligning reputation risk management with business strategy and business planning
  • several case studies, including examples of when reputation risk management has gone wrong
  • examples of how to manage specific reputation risks successfully or deal with a reputation risk crisis.

The Reputation Risk Handbook is not just for practitioners – those who manage risk and reputation directly — but for those who have oversight of risk management – namely boards, their committees and the c-suite.  In addition to a framework for practitioners, the book provides specific suggestions for boards, including questions to ask management and what to look for within their organizations.

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Purpose and Organization of the Handbook


Mae West & the Age of Hyper-Transparency
Reputation Across the Ages
21st Century Reputation Risk Hit Parade
Reputational Hits and Their Consequences
The Age of Hyper-Transparency
The Business Case for Reputation Risk Management

What is “Risk”?
What is “Reputation”?
What is “Reputation Risk”?
Reputation Risk is an Amplifier Risk: Examples
Other Special Qualities of Reputation Risk


Reputation Risk and Risk Architecture
Reputation Risk in the Pantheon of “Big Buckets of Risk”
Why is Reputation Risk Different?
Reputation Risk and Crisis Management
Reputation Risk and Integrity

Reputation Risk and You
Reputation Risk and the Organization: Actors and Stakeholders
The Reputation Risk “Rashomon” Effect
Reputation Risk Ownership
Reputation Risk Oversight


Reputation Risk Management Strategies: A Typology
Reputation Risk Management Toolkit
Reputation Risk Roles & Responsibilities

Optimizing Reputation Risk Management
Visualizing Reputation Risk Management Within the Organization: The Big Picture
Beyond Strategic, Reputation Risk Can Be Transformational



From Chapter 2 of The Reputation Risk Handbook – “Dissecting Reputation Risk”

Figure 3 9.3.14

From Chapter 4 of The Reputation Risk Handbook – “Reputation Risk Actors & Stakeholders”
Figure 6 Reputation Risk & You 8.2.14



spanishFlagThe Reputation Risk Handbook published in Spanish by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership.
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chineseFlagThe Reputation Risk Handbook published in Chinese by Beijing based China Financial Publishing House August 2016. To order this book in Chinese, click here.


Book Reviews:

“This is an important and timely book. Whether you are a corporate executive, a compliance officer, or an in-house or outside counsel or advisor, this is a must read. Dr. Bonime-Blanc provides careful and thoughtful guidance on how we can build better and healthier organizations, in this age of Big Data and instant informational access. Thought leaders like Dr. Bonime-Blanc, with this immensely readable book, help guide the way for all of us.”
Andrew Weissmann, Former Director of the Enron Task Force, US Department of Justice; former General Counsel for the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Senior Fellow, NYU Law School


“The Reputation Risk Handbook convincingly demonstrates that today’s hyper-transparent world presents profound “reputation risks” that cut across all categories of substantive risk faced by companies: financial, operational, political, environmental, and others. Although reputation risks have the potential to exacerbate the intensity and duration of events associated with these risks, this book provides practical advice for transforming those risks into opportunities. Andrea Bonime-Blanc has been on the front lines of managing reputation risk for decades, and her advice is essential for those attempting to instill a forward-thinking, action-oriented compliance culture.”
Lanny A. Breuer, Vice Chairman, Covington & Burling, former Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, Obama Administration 


“A brilliant handbook for CEOs, it helps to explain and measure reputation as the 21st Century’s key management lever.”
Jorge Cachinero, Executive Director of the Senior Management Program & Professor at IE Business School and Member of Elcano Royal Institute’s Scientific Committee


“If you are looking for the perfect guide through the maze of “reputation risk” The Reputation Risk Handbook is it – I highly recommend this strategic and practical toolkit to all executives and boards for help navigating through the increasingly perilous “Age of Hyper-Transparency”.”
Hans W. Decker, Retired CEO & Vice Chairman of Siemens USA, Adjunct Professor of CSR, Columbia University


“A novel and refined immersion into the complex world of corporate risk with special insight into reputational risk. A must have for practitioners.”
Simon M. Franco, CEO, Simon Franco Recursos Humanos, Brazil


“Today’s businesses operate in a global marketplace where the hint of a scandal can hurt your interests in multiple time zones within the first 24 hours and social media can ruin your hard-won reputation overnight. How do sophisticated companies mitigate risks and enhance their reputation in the process? This book answers that question and provides a blueprint for holistic risk mitigation and reputation management.”
Jacqueline E. Brevard, JD/LLM, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Merck & Co., Inc. (Retired), Program Director, The Conference Board


“The importance of doing well and doing good is hyper-apparent and well illustrated in Bonime-Blanc’s Reputation Risk Handbook. Equally apparent is the importance of identifying and understanding all the reputation actors in our worlds, material or otherwise, as we lead businesses and manage our own personal brands, making The RepRisk Handbook informative and practical in surviving and thriving in this hyper-transparent age.”
Mark Kollar, Partner, Prosek Partners, a strategic communications firm


“In 2009, consultants presciently warned that “hyper-transparency” enabled by the Internet would change the boundaries used to assess a company’s scope of control, and its degree of accountability and responsibility. “Reputation Risk,” and its ability to decimate enterprise value, is the epitome of that prediction. In this concise handbook, Dr. Andrea Bonime-Blanc provides executives at all levels of management and governance, essential tools, perspectives and practical strategies for this staggering 21st century business challenge.”
Nir Kossovsky, CEO, Steel City Re


“A splendid book to understand reputation management in an increasingly hyper-transparent society.”
Jose Antonio Llorente, Founding Partner & President, Llorente & Cuenca


“A true handbook: the author provides a guide for organizations and their executives on how to integrate assessment, prevention and management of reputation risk in their companies. This book is good to read, clear, to the point and eminently practical – very recommendable.”
Matthias Kleinhempel, Professor Business Policy, IAE Business School, Centre for Governance & Transparency, former CEO, several Siemens local companies in Latin America


“Dr Bonime-Blanc’s Reputation Risk Handbook succinctly makes the case for addressing reputation risk head-on and effectively. In a few short pages, she lays out an eminently readable and practical set of considerations and guidelines that provide executives, practitioners and advisors with a framework to understand how reputation works. The approach to reputation risk, properly understood and implemented, can be transformative and, as Dr Bonime-Blanc explains, it can also unlock hidden value. The Handbook demonstrates a deep understanding of corporate ethics and points to a way forward for boards, executives and other stakeholders to build a proactive program for identifying and addressing reputation as a valued part of building sustainable strategies.”
Michael Hickman, International Partner, Haiwen & Partners