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Global disruption is changing the face of business. What got you here won’t get you there.

After over a decade of unprecedented growth, more organizations and their leaders are facing challenges by unforeseen threats. The startup mentality that brought early success often leaves them vulnerable to emerging risks.

Many organizations never took the time to create governance, risk and ethical systems required to scale. What got them here won’t get them there.

The next level of growth requires a new look at the foundation. A few simple shifts can lead to a more resilient, sustainable and attractive organization.

GEC Risk offers bespoke governance, risk, ethics and cyber strategies that suit both best practice and the goals of an organization.

Working with leadership to create a solid framework of systems for resilience and growth, GEC Risk delivers realistic solutions to take their clients to the next level.

The ESGT 2023-2024 Megatrends Manual.

A Simple Guide to Futureproofing in Complex Times

Diplomatic Courier and GEC Risk Advisory are pleased to announce the third annual edition of the “ESGT Megatrends Manual”

The publication is intended as an annual check-in on the most important multi-year global megatrends involving ESGT issues—systemic, strategic, and more tactical—that should be top of mind for all leaders—whether in business, non-profits, or government, as they lead and participate in strategic and tactical risk and opportunity planning and implementation. 

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About Andrea Bonime-Blanc

Director | Speaker | Author | Strategist

Andrea Bonime-Blanc, JD/PhD, is CEO and Founder of GEC Risk Advisory and a global governance, risk, ESG, ethics, cyber and crisis strategist serving a broad cross-section of business, nonprofits, and government agencies.

As a global keynote speaker, Dr. Bonime-Blanc delivers powerful keynotes on risk, resilience, corporate responsibility, strategic communications, and cyber security.

She is quoted by and appears regularly on Bloomberg TV, Yahoo Finance, Cheddar, The Wall Street Journal, FT Agenda, BBC, The New York Times, among other media outlets.

Gloom to Boom

How Leaders Transform Risk into Resilience and Value

Leaders – whether in business, government or the nonprofit sector – take risks but often without fully understanding risk at a strategic level.

In this book, global governance, risk, ethics and cyber strategist, author and board member, Andrea Bonime-Blanc, shows practitioners at all levels how to effectively identify and manage their top ESGT risks to avoid crises and transform risk into sustainable long-term resilience and value.

“An impressive Tour de Force, a timely and useful guide to our turbulent times.”

– Ian Bremmer
President, The Eurasia Group

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