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ABonimeBlanc-3.2014-Headshot-web72Welcome to the GEC Risk Advisory website,

We are a different kind of 21st Century global service provider, delivering value without borders, both virtually and in person. The GEC Risk Way is to be constructive, strategic, innovative, customized and nimble for our clients, collaborators and friends alike. We have decades of global corporate executive experience and a deep understanding of — and empathy for — the client perspective, because we were once clients ourselves. Our bottom line is to help our clients Transform Risk Into Value.

Our services are both strategic and tactical – we can connect the dots or take a deep dive into a particular dot. We cover the gamut of governance, risk, ethics, compliance, corporate responsibility, reputation and crisis management because they are all inter-connected and in this age of hyper-transparency and super-connectivity to do otherwise would be to miss the forest for the trees.

Our clients are boards, executives, investors and advisors. We serve all sectors – for profit, non-profit, academic and governmental – in five continents. Our practice spans the spectrum from financial to pharma, energy to technology, healthcare to media and universities to international governmental agencies.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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“Establishing an Ethical Organizational Culture”

July 2017: Short (3 minute) excerpt watch online here.
Full (30 minute) program: available here.

Andrea Bonime-Blanc interviewed by the Financial Management Network.

logo_columbiaUDPAmchanChile“The Role of the Board in Transforming Non-Financial ESG Risk into Value”

August 17, 2016: (Full 1:30 hour presentation)
Video available for download here or watch online here.


Andrea Bonime-Blanc gives speech on “The Role of the Board in Transforming Non-Financial ESG Risk into Value” Full 1:30 hour presentation video taped at Universidad Diego Portales and co-hosted by UDP, Columbia University Global Center Santiago and the Millstein Center on Global Corporate Governance of Columbia University Law School.

logo_cnnChileAndrea Bonime-Blanc interviewed by CNN Chile on corporate governance and ethics trends in Chile and elsewhere.

August 16, 2016 : View Here


logo_nyse14NYSE Governance Services Inside Compliance Thought Leader Interview: “Reputation Risk, Crisis & Value Transformation”

November 2014:  View Here


GEC Risk – Awards & Recognition

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spanishFlagThe Reputation Risk Handbook published in Spanish by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership.
*Para ordenar Manual de Riesgo Reputacional en Amazon Europa: click here.
*To order Manual de Riesgo Reputacional en Amazon Americas: click here.


chineseFlagThe Reputation Risk Handbook published in Chinese by Beijing based China Financial Publishing House August 2016. To order this book in Chinese, click here.

The Reputation Risk Handbook: Surviving & Thriving in the Age of Hyper-Transparency By Andrea Bonime-Blanc
Click here to order.

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“Cyber-reputation: risk turbocharged”
Ethical Corporation Magazine
by Andrea Bonime-Blanc
March 2016
Available here for download.