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Leaders – whether in business, government or the nonprofit sector – take risks but often without fully understanding risk at a strategic level. Expanding upon the well-known “ESG” risks, this book explains the key nonfinancial (environmental, social, governance and technological or ESGT) risks. For many leaders (including board members), taking risk without knowledge or preparation can lead to organizational crisis, scandal and value destruction. For those who are prepared, resilience follows and so does the ability to transform ESGT risk into opportunity and value for stakeholders.

In this book, global governance, risk, ethics and cyber strategist, author and board member, Andrea Bonime-Blanc, shows practitioners at all levels how to effectively identify and manage their top ESGT risks to avoid crises and transform risk into sustainable long-term resilience and value.

Gloom to Boom is a book for everyone – from the highest levels of leadership in an organization (the board, CEO and C-suite), to other senior leaders (the chief risk officer, CFO, general counsel, head of CSR and sustainability, CISO, CHRO), and midlevel leaders, students and folks simply interested in current affairs and the role and impact of strategic risk and opportunity on their lives.


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