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Leadership & Culture Risk in Action: The Unraveling of The Ailes Empire at Fox News

If true, the New York Magazine cover story (http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/09/how-fox-news-women-took-down-roger-ailes.html) and other media accounts we have seen in the past month offer a devastating account of not just leadership and culture risk gone wrong but of long term (20 years) and deep leadership and culture rot that, incredibly, went largely unaddressed except for back room settlements […]

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Government: Reputation Risk… Reputation Opportunity

As I ride this morning on a train to Washington DC to speak to a gathering of U.S. government risk management professionals about (what else?) reputation risk in the context of enterprise risk management, I can’t help but to make a few comments about the importance of proper and effective reputation risk management for any […]

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The Panama Papers: Cyber-Tax-Political-Reputation Risk on Steroids

This latest cyber revelation (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-35918844) may be one of the most impactful cyber-leaks ever given what it reveals about whom. Some of the details, according to the BBC and The Guardian: “The documents show links to 72 current or former heads of state in the data, including dictators accused of looting their own countries.” “They were […]

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Can Apple Turn its Privacy-Related Reputation Risk Gamble into Stakeholder Value?

It was interesting to see in recent headlines how the U.S. Government is spinning the Apple encryption case as a case of marketing (see: http://www.wsj.com/articles/justice-department-files-new-brief-to-force-apple-to-help-open-san-bernardino-shooters-phone-1455910046) which is more or less what I said to the Wall Street Journal in this article (http://on.wsj.com/1WvUhgN). In essence what both the U.S. Government and I are contending (for different reasons, […]

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THE VOLKSWAGEN EMISSIONS SCANDAL WILL BE ONE FOR THE BOOKS: The Long Term Effect on Stakeholder Trust A Devastating Series of Events Consider the following facts and timeline: The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reveals that Volkswagen has been using surreptitious emissions suppression software for 6 years for approximately 500,000 diesel cars and has refused […]

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The Rise of (Business Integrity) in Latin America: Converting Integrity Risk into Opportunity

If there is one clear take away for me as a participant, speaker and sponsor of the extraordinary Third Latin American Ethics Summit hosted by Ethisphere in Rio de Janeiro last week it’s that there is a clear movement toward greater corporate (and maybe governmental) transparency, integrity and reputational protection in Latin America than ever […]

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Transforming Compliance Risk into Value: Customizing the Reporting Structure of Your Ethics & Compliance Program

There has been a raging debate in certain quarters about where the ethics and compliance function should report within companies. In my opinion, the important thing is that companies have a program in place at all. It is therefore important to try to strike a balance between what I believe are somewhat extreme positions being […]

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Is Uber Pulling Its “Reputational Fat” Out of the Fire?

With all the negative Uber news taking place all over the world for the past few months – some of it quite serious and potentially materially damaging to the company — the following question bears asking: have they begun to turn the corner, starting to manage their reputation risk and associated underlying risks better, or […]

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Did SONY Just Transform “The Interview” Cyber-Risk into Value?

We all witnessed “The Interview” cyber-incident in December: a hybrid diplomatic and corporate risk debacle messily unfolding on the global scene. Despite a number of fumbles, missteps, misinformation, recriminations, accusations, embarrassments and second-guessing and the fact that we still don’t know what really happened, this incident, however, could end up being an interesting example of a material […]

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Introducing “GEC Risk 2 Value Blog”

Why Focus on the Risk 2 Value Equation? In the new GEC Risk 2 Value Blog, we will explore all things governance, risk, integrity, reputation and crisis management. Why? Because in the hyper-transparent and super-connected age in which we live, all of these disciplines are or should be interconnected whether we care to recognize it or not. Global actors […]

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